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We started our journey in 2009, knowing fully-well, that the Smartphone was the vehicle, and mobile applications were the solution - to simplify and speed-up life. We pivoted our vision on the growth of smartphones which is projected to reach over 500 million customers in IndiaHowever, prevalent app channels and models were not customized for the Indian consumer - whose preferred mode of payment was cash, and preferred style of shopping was Do-it-for-Me. As a result, the mobile app market remains under-penetrated and under-served in India.We decided to take up this challenge head-on and help customers discover and buy mobile apps the way they buy almost anything - through Retail, the only channel to reach out to the mass audience. Our apps are packaged and sold as physical products, just like everything else!Think of us as an FMCG company selling mobile apps. We call it FMDG - Fast Moving Digital Goods!Today we are the largest mobile app company in India and the largest retail channel for mobile apps in the world.We operate in 940+ cities, with more than 400+ distributors and 10000+ outlets - with more than 5000+ In store demonstrators. We have more than 5 million happy customers.

  1. Ajay Menon
  2. Arun Menon
Venture Capitals
  1. Qualcomm Ventures
  2. Kalaari Capital
  3. Ambrosia Software
  4. ru-Net