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Corseco is essentially an end-to-end Artificial Intelligence driven solution provider to the enterprises.Started in early 2016, we are a group of dynamic individuals aiming to get actionable insights from visual data. We are improving the human visual system by our thorough understanding of Neural Network and Deep Learning methodologies. We are applying today�s data science principles and logic about how things are done better in the physical world. Corseco�s Artificial Intelligence system can identify and track any object in places such as warehouses, retail stores and manufacturing industries that will impart high business intelligence to the respective firm. For instance, in warehouses, we can track shipments, containers, packets, dockets, bags, trolleys, forklifts etc to perform loss detection, counting, labor efficiency and any other kind of the analytics that the customer might need.

  1. Vivek Singh
  2. Arush Kakkar
Venture Capitals