Fresh Food Concepts

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�We call ourselves Fresh Food Concepts. We aspire to create a brand that stands for things that matter � our own health and the health of our environment. We are very touchy about it�.Juice Up is our first product line, a range of 100% Raw & Natural, Cold Pressed Juices made by blending innovative combinations of fruits and vegetables, to deliver taste and nutrition both. Everything we make will always be 100% natural, delicious and nutritionally net-positive, so that our customers feel physically and mentally better off, after they have our products.We put great care and effort into our juices. From sourcing high quality ingredients from farms, even in far flung places, to selecting only those pieces which are in good condition, to being very particular about hygiene, sanitation and safety our operating practices, we don't take any short cuts. We are HACCP certified and continuously strive to exceed established standards. Our production facility is fanatically maintained and kept in pristine working order. We would rather lose money than send out a product that doesn't match up to our stringent standards.�

  1. Chandan Agarwal
  2. Riju Gupta
Venture Capitals
  1. Ashvin Chadha
  2. Sidharth Gupta