Login to claim this Startup is India�s largest health test @ home service, creating a new benchmark for very high quality and honest prices. Healthians employs state of art 46 touchpoints technology for assuring quality collection and testing across its tightly controlled network of labs and hundreds of full-time phlebotomists. Coolsure � and Blackcode technology ensure sample transportation in an environment proof way- safe from heat, sunlight, contamination and human error. Smartprick � technology ensures minimum pain by precision laser guided blood collection. It specialises in Diagnostic, Preventive and Chronic Disease Management. We guarantee you the most accurate results for tests like complete hemogram (CBC), blood sugar, liver function test (LFT), kidney function test (KFT), lipid profile, Dengue (NS1 and antigen), Chikungunya (PCR and IgM antibody), Typhoid, HbA1c, Glucose, Iron Serum, Thyroid, Pancreatic profile, Electrolytes profile, Vitamins profile and full body checkup.

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