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InfertilityDost, is India’s first website that facilitates couples to brave infertility with support and knowledge. We hold hand, facilitate right guidance so that couples can take good decisions and stay away from misleading advertisements and fraud clinics, answer their queries by connecting them to experts, keep them motivated throughout this tough phase of life, reinforcing their strength and hope, helping them #StandUp and fight society’s stereotypes and prejudices, and simply reassuring them that everything is gonna be all right. InfertilityDost aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem to facilitate better management of treatment process ensuring improved decision making experience and enhanced communication between patients and also between doctor & patients. A couple that enters into infertility journey is clueless about the process and simply depend on hearsay. With mentor program we aim to be that friend in the journey who can handhold the patients through the journey and facilitating at each step. The biggest challenge is social taboo leading lack to open communication often culminating into misleading information and myths distorting the right path of treatment thereby causing distress and derailment of treatment. Financial constraint and finding the right doctor is another problem we are trying to solve by offering verified choices. We aim to: • Enhance communication • Reduce treatment cost by 15-20% • Knowledge dissemination • Service listing and review • Mentoring and support system • High engagement • First level patient –doctor connection • Holistic approach by plugging in services that a patient requires like yoga, psychological counselling, acupuncture, medical documentation etc. • Handhold the patient throughout the complete journey • Create informed and good environment for decision making Around 30 million couples in India are estimated to undergo infertility treatments with 10 million cases adding every year. 1 in every 4 couple undergo some or the other form of infertility treatments. The IVF market is ever-blooming and is expected to reach $7.1 billion, by 2022 with India being forecasted as the fastest growing country in Asia-Pacific IVF market. IVF and fertility medical tourism is also another market where InfertilityDost can disrupt the existing scenario and make sustainable impact. InfertilityDost deals with a niche subject with high engagement. Our USPs are: • Frontrunner& Exclusive – Currently there is no competitor who is working exclusively for infertility. We are on the path of creating monopoly in market. Even in doctor listing we only have infertility, IVF and other specialists pertaining exclusively for this line of treatment ( genetic counsellors, surrogacy, adoption centres etc). Thus, providing end to end solutions for infertility patients. • Trust – With Indian couples opening up and sharing their true personal account of infertility journey, a trust is created. This overwhelming trust is our USP which platforms generically churning out content will not find easy to match upto it. • Neutral platform – InfertilityDost has yet not partnered with any IVF or allopathic centre trying to sell them. We take pride in being a neutral platform where we list doctors, let genuine people review them and offer a reliable platform. • Good content- The quality of our content is a big strength. Aligned to Indian requirements, social setup and other regional nuances it has high connect value. • Knowledge Dissemination- We write about all aspects of infertility and provide accurate, easy to understand information which is well-received. • Intent – The genesis of the concept lies in our Founder, Gitanjali herself been through infertility journey, knowing the gap that needs to be filled and reaching out couples suffering in silence. This personal story and intent is unique.

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