Clogeny Technologies

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Clogeny�s purpose is to enable product companies to bring to the market customer-focused and cutting-edge products in a quick time span and at a reasonable cost. After successfully delivering projects for 35 customers in just 2.5 years in the domains of cloud computing, big data, DevOps and storage, we haven�t budged from our core principles. We started operations in 2009 in the Indian city Pune, and quickly built leadership in three key domains we focus on: DevOps, cloud computing, and big data analytics. Today, Clogeny is a burgeoning IT company with focused management that strives to deliver the best solutions in these industries. Our deep focus is one reason why we are able to achieve perfection in every project undertaken by us. From 2014 April, Clogeny is the fully owned subsidiary of MSys Technologies, a Georgia-based leader of storage, cloud, and QA technologies.

  1. Kalpak Shah
Venture Capitals