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As one of the largest emerging mobile-first economies in the world, India is undergoing a disruptive transformation in how consumers and businesses interact and transact. One thing is clear, the status quo of how payments work today will not work tomorrow.Our visionary team of payments, cloud, and SaaS industry veterans have joined hands with the single purpose of ushering in a new era of a frictionless payment ecosystem in India. Ezetap�s ease of use, and capabilities as an intelligent SaaS payments platform built grounds-up for the mobile-first economy is already helping thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers, e-Commerce players, enterprises, and even governmental financial inclusion organizations transform how they do business for the better, every single day.

Venture Capitals
  1. Helion Venture Partners
  2. Social+Capital
  3. Berggruen Holdings
  4. Horizons Ventures