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What is Find Yahan?Find Yahan is a Hyper Local Marketplace for Lifestyle Services. It is a location based discovery platform that connects skilled individuals and home businesses to their target customers easily and effectively. Findyahan aims at finding the right person, you�re looking for.What�s special about Find Yahan?At Find Yahan, we have created a platform that brings the most interesting, talented, skilled people from around the country who have services to offer. It is meant to empower these people who have acquired a talent over years of their life and help them turn their passion into a business. With our storefront, exciting promotions and social discovery features we hope our passionate pool of providers will make a ton of money while having fun indulging in what they love. The special thing about Find Yahan is that it promotes a parallel economy wherein you can do your current job and join Find Yahan as Freelancing platform and earn better revenues. In today�s time, don�t just work hard, but work smart. How can Find Yahan help you?If you have a hobby, a talent or skill you want to offer to the world, come to Find Yahan. If you want to turn your passion into a business, FY is the place to be! And if you want to learn something, from some computer language to learning how to bake a cake, from online typing jobs to your Motor Bike repairing, you get here everything. Need something? Find Yahan! Want to offer something? Find Yahan!

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  1. Acquired by Zimmber