Grene Robotics

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OUR KEY DIFFERENTIATORSWe simplify the way people interact with technology. With an ever increasing rise in technologies and operating platforms, both at work and home, Grene robotics simplifies the complexity of managing these various technologies with intelligent, consistent and scalable systems.INDUSTRY EXPERIENCEEach asset has varied activities based on client and industry. Grene leverages its customers diverse domain knowledge and clubs this with its own RnD to design solutions for these assets. Grene has in depth experience of day to day problems existing in each of these diverse domains.TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONGrene's solutions comprise of various technologies that are integrated seamlessly. Choice of leading technologies and technology partnerships is one of our strengths.SOLUTION ARCHITECTURESoftware architecture is the heart and soul of Grene. The software engineering team uses the best and latest technologies like Cloud Computing, Wireless Communication and Machine to Machine Automation to bring the best of functionality and simplicity to the users.

  1. Kiran Raju
Venture Capitals