Indoriv Clinical

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The Problem We Face as Healthcare ProfessionalsThe healthcare industry, particularly the pharmaceutical/biotech companies currently face a great challenge due to the lack of properly trained professionals in the Clinical Research Industry . The healthcare industry is demanding and requires the right mix of clinical, scientific and business acumen coupled with core-training in application science. As one of the top competing Clinical Research Organisations in India, we feel that there is wide gap between what clinical research requires and what is provided in the end. Our Strategy for addressing the ProblemOur strategy in addressing the problem is very simple. The Clinical Research Industry requires the following:1. Regulatory and Quality Compliance 2. Good data qualityOur team has successfully managed to streamline these activities in a unique and efficient manner. Company Bio�Promoting the Science of Healthcare� We are a Clinical Research firm. According to law, every single drug or cosmetic has to be clinically tested before it is released in the market. We leverage our expertise and make that possible on the ground.

  1. Akriti Dokania
  2. Prateek Agarwal
  3. Anant Agarwal
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