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Infratab, Inc. makes and sells smart sensors and software that answer the question, �How fresh is it?� Together these components make up Infratab Freshtime. Infratab�s Freshtime technology platform simply and securely monitors, tracks and traces a perishable�s condition.At the core of Freshtime is Freshtime Points�, the most powerful metrics in the market for quantifying and measuring the freshness of a perishable. These are metrics that can be authenticated, validated and audited. Using Freshtime Points, a perishable�s condition can be monitored, forecast, and budgeted by any or all who handle it, be it the brand, the transporter, the seller or the user. For the brand it means greater consumer confidence and trust. For all it means longer use and reduced spoilage.Infratab, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Oxnard, CA, USA with offices in Bangalore, India and Dublin, Ireland.Freshtime provides the information, the tools, the analytics, and therefore the knowledge, to help you make the best decisions for your perishables. You will be inspired to find new insights and to incorporate these Freshtime ideas into your everyday operations.With careful planning and handling, the foods you eat can be fresher, more nutritional and better tasting; your pharmaceuticals, industrials and cosmetics more fully potent; and your flowers will stay fresh longer.Every aspect of Freshtime, from the tag, to the software, to the analytics, is designed to enable you to test, fine-tune, validate and audit the temperature and freshness data that you collect, to give you confidence in your decision making.

  1. Stanton Kaye
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