Key Difference

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Our vision, which is defined by our purpose, is to: Touch 1 Billion lives by empowering business owners and giving them the tools to become more visible to the global consumer community. Assist 1 Million Businesses to increase their bottom-line by giving them a revenue-generating platform that gives real results. Eliminate Blind-Outsourcing & Introduce Managed-Outsourcing. Attract the best people from across the globe to work at KEY Difference by making KEY Difference the �World�s Most Fulfilling, Harmonious, Challenging & Growth-Oriented Workplace�. Foster entrepreneurism by giving our own employees the opportunity to start their own businesses using the skills they acquire at KEY Difference and offering to partner with them for mutual benefit.MissionTo help businesses increase profitability.We will do this by:Helping large organizations systemize their online presence, leverage technology to strengthen their bottom line and assist the economy by putting more jobs on the market.Helping medium-sized companies grow into large organizations by helping them tap into dormant internal and external resources, expand their reach to new markets and market segments, explore and exploit new sales channels, give their employees the right support tools to maximize their productivity and increase their staffing based on viable growth projections.Helping small businesses gain visibility on a more global scale, connect with their customers through multiple avenues, brand themselves as well-established and resource-rich entities, generate better and more qualified leads, realize better conversion rates and leverage technology and automation to allow the owners to focus on what really matters � the customer.Directly and indirectly helping economies realize sustainable growth through our own zero-impact business operations and growth plan.

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