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Indian financial market has chronically been bugged by two problems - On one side, MSMEs are struggling to keep their cash flow intact & need working capital to continue production while, on the other side, investors are looking for opportunities to invest in instruments that can provide them better returns in short term with relatively lower risk.Keeping the above problems in mind, Minions Ventures Pvt. Ltd. came out with a revolutionary marketplace - Mandii - an online marketplace for MSMEs to raise funds against their unpaid invoices from investors with ease and at low interest rates. This platform brings flexibility to borrowers in selectively raising finance and also provides an alternative asset class for investors.Mandii is characterised by the concept of supply and demand. If macroeconomic outlook is good & there is enough liquidity in the market, interest rates for lending on the platform will be low as there would be more financiers and fewer borrowers. On the contrary, if the macroeconomic condition is looking bad & there is a scarcity of funds in the market, interest rates for lending on the platform would be high as there would be more borrowers and fewer financiers willing to lend money.Mandii in a nutshell:India's first and only online marketplace for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to raise funds for their working capital needs.A location independent marketplace characterised by the concept of supply and demand.Driven by a social cause - to assist the MSME industry so that they can make a material difference in our country`s economic growth.A confluence of borrowers and financiers with a win-win for both - MSMEs seeking finance and investors seeking decent returns on their investments.An honest effort to organize the market of Bill Receivables Financing.Backed by committed individuals having decade long expertise in Banking and Finance.

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  1. Acquired by Kredx