Million Kitchen

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From the team that started LB17, comes a kitchen that will turn every household into a food startup and every chef into a foodpreneur.What began as an initiative to hone and harness the latent potential of women in the Jagdamba Camp community is now getting its flavours from a million kitchen, straight to your plate. An enabler, Million Kitchen is an endeavor to aggregate, endorse and access the culinary delights from home-cooks or home-based cooks. It gives power to the belief that my Mum�s fabulous idlis and my neighbour�s finger-licking pav-bhaji can bring joy to a few others and revenue to them!If you are a foodie, MK is yours to order healthy, tasty and family-tested meals. If you are a celebrated home-cook, here is your chance to find an easy earning model from the comfort of your home. MK is excited to connect the two together!

  1. Vimlendu Jha
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