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The Indian consumer's spending method and style has undergone a vast change in the last 3-5 years as they rely more and more on plastic money. This transformation was largely made possible by the previous company of NeoGrowth's founders, called Venture Infotek (VI was sold to AtoS in mid-2010). VI was largely instrumental in bringing Point-of-Sale machine to every merchant in collaboration with several banks.NeoGrowth has found a niche in the lending business targeting small and medium sized retailers. Our product is entirely different from a typical bank loan. Essentially we have bypassed the lengthy procedures of underwriting and cumbersome paperwork, done away with the burden of a fixed EMI system and most importantly, removed the necessity of the merchant to visit the financer's location at every stage. Time is money for today's business and there in comes our unique product that makes better sense for today's business environment.Customers are fast becoming habitual of swiping their debit or credit cards to the malls or shopping complex in their neighbourhood. Hence the modern merchant has a tangible asset on his hands, his future card sales. If a substantial portion of your sales happens on the POS machine, NeoGrowth can provide business financing. Today's merchant needs someone to finance him at the pace of his business and the convenience of not having to move away from his outlet. Venture Infotek brought a paradigm change in the payments industry and again with a futuristic vision, NeoGrowth is here to change the face of a business loan in the Indian context.

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