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peel-works is a leading edge transformation company that focuses on enhancing the availability of brands at the last mile - this may be by enhancing the performance of the sales guy or providing cutting edge retail analytics to marketing companies.Nearly 90% of the consumer goods industry's revenue comes from an extended sales force, but for the most part they remain faceless, get little attention from headquarters and are often underpaid turning into a black box of sorts and eating into the companys potential. It all started as an idea to try and unlock the potential of this black-box by bringing about visibility and information to help companies maximise their capacity on sales and profits. This idea became a reality in 2010 when peel-works came into being a SaaS and big-data analytics company for extended salesforce management. In 2014 the company, using the same principles, started to work with the traditional trade. This channel brings about 80% of the revenue of the grocery category to the brand owners. YouToo, as we call it, helps thousands of mom and pop stores automate themselves and as they do that, create significant value for themselves, their shoppers and their suppliers.