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A few years ago a group of engineering & business colleagues from Microsoft were sitting around a table talking about the challenges of scaling education as global populations increase. With a lack of quality teaching instruction becoming more and more problematic, we got into a heated debate about the power of technology as a tool to augment learning. Fast forward a few years and we have the birth of Pengala, a company focused on building great learning technology.Our mission is to change the way India learns. We want students to learn and succeed, with or without access to good classrooms. We want them to understand concepts and not just learn by rote. We want a master teacher for every student. We want great learning to be affordable to all. We want an educated India to be a nation of innovators.And we achieve this together with our partners � great educational institutions that bring great teachers, great content and the human element that makes our technology so useful to students.The name Pengala means "Talented" in Bahasa Indonesian. We chose this name to represent the spirit in which we assist individuals who are committed to growing their inner talent.Thanks and best of luck in your learning goals!Pengala Team

  1. Adam Taylor
  2. Will Poole
  3. Pradeep Singh
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