Prasan Solutions (India)

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Prasan Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd focuses in developing a portfolio of natural preservatives for food and cosmetic industry. The company has an array of products meeting the international standards of quality developed systematically by implementing the finest practices in chemistry.With its extensive research and development facilities Prasan is capable of exploring larger horizons in the food, cosmetics and health and wellness segments. The R&D team strives untiringly towards developing effective competitive and optimum natural preservatives keeping abreast the ever changing customer needs. The state of the art R&D lab is equipped with test facilities that enable Prasan to deliver accurate results. The company's core strength lies in its in house library of accredited test methods, standards, certified references coupled with sound technical knowledge and scientific approach.Apart from this Prasan extends their service by acting as a sourcing house for international customers. The company facilitates sourcing of spices, value added spices, pulses, food ingredients and cosmetic ingredients to clientele globally. Profound knowledge about production houses across India, Sri Lanka and other south eastern countries gives Prasan an edge over its competitors to offer right products at the right time.

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