RAW Pressery

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RAW Pressery was born in Anuj�s kitchen with a Norwalk cold-press juicer splattering carrots all over the ceiling. It all started with some simple questions: Why does being healthy have to be so complicated?Do we believe the health claims marketed by the big food companies?Is there any beverage brand you can really trust to be honest and healthy?In summer 2013, Anuj took up the challenge to make getting healthy easier for people. He wanted to create something that mothers would feel happy giving to their kids. It�s tough to eat all the veggies and fruits everyday consistently so juicing was the best alternative.He realized that good health could begin with a simple bottle of juice. Enter RAW Pressery.

  1. Anuj Rakyan
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  1. Sequoia Capital
  2. Saama Capital
  3. DSG Consumer Partners