Robosoft Systems

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Robosoft Systems is a privately held company located in Mumbai, India. Robosoft Systems is primarily a Research and Development based company in field of Embedded System Design, VLSI and Robotics since 2008. Having done lot of work in Mobile Robotics for the duct cleaning industry, we have now moved into Educational Robotics. Robosoft designs and manufactures microcontroller development tools and small single-board computers that are used by electronic engineers, educational institutions, and hobbyists. We have also developed a Robotics Lab for various Engineering colleges which will help the students to relate theory to practical Robotics.And who are our customers? We sell to crafters and designers, artists and DJs, elementary teachers and college professors, and yes, electrical engineers. We have seen 5-year olds solder our kits and octogenarians attend our events. We believe anyone and everyone can play with cool electronic gadgets! So go on and let your geek shine - around here, we encourage it.