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Shopo app is a zero commission marketplace where you can chat, buy and sell � and it makes buying & selling super easy and fun! Shopo offers you the fastest way to open an online store. Click your products, upload and start selling for free! Shopo takes zero commission, zero fees and zero documents � no PAN, VAT, not even an ID! You can chat & sell to your customers, and receive phone calls from them too. And you are free to receive payment and ship your products as per your & buyer�s comfort. We want to help millions of sellers in India increase their business � no conditions attached! Shopo enables discovery of wide range of products and great interaction. Simply chat & buy from your seller.Through chat, we help you get more information, try for a better price, arrange for pick up and close transactions -just like in real life. Shopo helps you discover amazing range of products. You�d love going through beautifully curated collections and novel products from scores of sellers near & far. And Shopo makes it so easy to buy: just chat with the seller, ask anything you want and settle on price & delivery that works for both of you! Keep chatting, discovering new things.

Venture Capitals
  1. Acquired by Snapdeal