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MAKING LEARNING PERSONAL AGAINEducation in today's world is drifting towards generalization. Over the decades, classroom teaching has taken such a precedence that most of the pedagogy and teaching is done in a 'One Size Fits All' manner. We believe it is not effective and should change.Vedantu is conceptualized to bring Personalization back into Education. We imagine a world where a student will be at the center of learning again. Where a teacher will teach according to the need, pace and level of a student. Where learning graduates from One-to-Many to 1-to-1.For personalization to happen, technology will definitely help. But more importantly there has to be a system free of institutions where learning is bound within four walls. We imagine a world free of such middle layers, where a student is directly connected to a teacher and learning-teaching happens in a personalized way. Imagine a world with Knowledge Democracy.Hence with this vision, we have defined our purpose of existence. Vedantu aims to create a world of learning which is Personalized & Democratized