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Our DreamWe dream of a prosperous India. We dream of a society that is not poor, an India which is literate, healthy and empowered. We dream of a country without any forms of vulnerability, exploitation and inefficiencies. We dream of choices, opportunities and collaboration.Our mission is to enable innovations to impact the poor through social enterprise.Vision: If the poor have remained poor, then clearly what has been attempted in the past has not worked. That is where innovation becomes important. At Villgro, we envision that once a model is established to transform innovative ideas into reality, a virtuous cycle will set in naturally, encouraging further innovation and wealth creation in rural areas. We envision a thriving eco-system that inspires, recognizes, nurtures and transforms innovation and enterprises to impact lives. We believe it is possible because India is the world's largest democracy and is globally recognized for its intellect and scientific temper. It has an active private sector, a free and vigilant media and a bold and growing middle class. All we need is to dream this dream with conviction. And we do.

  1. Paul Basil
Venture Capitals
  1. Lemelson Foundation
  2. Michael & Susan Dell Foundation