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VindoShop is a solution that opens up with the vision of changing how people shop in India offline. It aims to bring a radical change in the shopping psychology of the people by instilling the opportunity of getting their desired product at discounted prices. In today's time, it is widely assumed that shopping at a retail outlet is far expensive than online. We believe that a user doesn't always need to buy products from a store at "MAXIMUM RETAIL PRICE". Vindoshop will be your shopping buddy. It is your perfect shopping partner which comes fully equipped to tell a user which is the most cost efficient place to shop in the entire city for a particular category of product like apparel, shoes, bags, cosmetics, etc. Discounted prices is just one of the picks but we are much more than that when it comes to getting you your desired product with the convenience in place.When Industry stats say 88% of Indian retail is unorganized, for Retailers, VindoShop provides complete End to End IT infrastructure to bring the Unorganized into Organized and by providing better Branding, Digital Marketing and increased consumer reach. Retail market in India is to reach USD 866 billion by 2016 from 2012 USD 516 billion. There are over 12 million mom-and-pop retail stores in India thus showcasing the growth potential in the segment.Our solution will be a mixture of both B2B and B2C. For retailers, we shall be the new medium for pushing sales, brand promotion, advertisements, publicity, IT infrastructure and awareness. For customers, we will be the one app which every person would open before stepping out of their house to shop. The current segments of the retail industry we cater to are apparel, footwear and accessories."In a nutshell, VindoShop is an Omni-channel Retail Solution catered just for you"

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