Wafer Space

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Wafer Space was founded with the ideals of providing true value in Product and Design Services to all our clients. Our world class engineering team with its intensive knowledge in Chip Design, Embedded Software and Hardware combined with our ability to execute complex turnkey projects with a steadfast focus on quality is what differentiates us. True Value to customers can only be provided by building capabilities. We have achieved this by building a team of top talent and by having a strong focus on R&D. We have developed our own flows and processes and we are focussed on working in areas of high complexity in Chip Design and Embedded Systems. Our goal is to build a very focussed company which is the absolute best in what we do.Wafer Space has one of the industry�s most rigorous selection criteria for engineers which results in a world class engineering team. We strongly believe in continuous learning and growth for all employees. Our organizational culture nurtures creativity and innovation amongst our team players as work no longer is a chore. It�s what we have fun doing. Wafer Space is very well funded by a group of companies which have been in business for more than 50 years and are pioneers and market leaders in their fields. Wafer Space has design centers in Bangalore, India and Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.

  1. Rahul Malvi
Venture Capitals