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ZAPR, is one of the world's first media consumption repositories and cross-targeting platforms. ZAPR's technology platform auto-detects comprehensively all offline media content being viewed by millions of people. ZAPR is currently over 1000x larger than any audience measurement database in India and we're rapidly growing.For the very first time, a brand can bridge its offline advertising strategy with its strategies, by identifying their audiences, understanding their media habits and targeting the same user base across all mediums - offline and online - mobile and social. Users who are watching TV, but ignoring the commercials, can now be retargeted across social and mobile platforms, to ensure that a brand's wasted TV impressions are reinforced by the second screen.ZAPR is quickly expanding on all fronts - its user base, various media formats (live TV, radio, movies-in-theater, VOD, internet media) as well as geographic presence. ZAPR is a VC funded media-tech startup and is backed by iconic angel and institutional investors from India, Singapore, Europe and US.

Venture Capitals
  1. Flipkart
  2. Dinesh Agarwal
  3. Saavn
  4. Micromax
  5. Samir Bangara
  6. Star India Pvt Ltd