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We are the curators of individuality. A woman is a million different people every day. Sometimes a mother and sometimes the funny one in the group. Sometimes a best friend and sometimes a daughter. However, her most intimate relationship is the one with herself. We believe that lingerie is an extension of that relation. It is more than just about 'sex appeal'. It is the way she decides to feel every day. There is more to her than what she shows. Zivame celebrates all that she is to the world, and all that she is to herself.We believe in the power of embracing the unknown, the intimate side of stories. That is the most capturing of all discovery. We are her companions in the journey of self-exploration and building confidence through it. Confidence is Sexy and we help women find it, wear it and be it every day.What's in the name? The name Zivame finds its origin in the Hebrew language and means "Radiant Me". We are inspired by the inner radiance of women that really shines through when they are being themselves. We are painted by their driving passions, we are inked with their ambitions and love for life. We strive to give her the best so that she is always in her comfort zone, forever exploring and discovering new sides to her own intricate personality

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  2. Khazanah Nasional Berhad