Mera Food Choice Pvt Ltd

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As with many memorable stories, ours started on a train travel. Piyush Kasliwal, a software engineer from Nashik, always had an entrepreneurial bent of mind. Having traveled extensively on the Indian train, with many of these journeys being several days long, Piyush always seemed to notice the constraints placed by dietary restrictions on travelers. Several of these travelers were vegetarian - many being young children and senior citizens - and getting quality food from the train canteens or the catering service of Indian train was nothing short of a challenge. Any customization or variety was mostly impossible. And then there were some trains that didn't have even a pantry car in the first place, forget variety of food choices! During one such journey, Piyush decided that something needed to change; a change which would impact millions of his fellow Indian train travelers each day. And in that instant merafoodchoice was born. Today that little seedling of an idea has taken shape into the fully functional organization, with each team member bringing in a unique set of complementing skills. But what they all share is the passion and zeal to democratize food supply for train travellers. And for that matter, for all vegetarians, no matter where they are in India, be it Varanasi or Vijayawada, So if you order food through merafoodchoice, you will be getting a hot, freshly prepared, meal of your choice; loving prepared at your station of delivery.

  1. Piyush Kasliwal
  2. Anup Kaneri
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