RBS Group

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RBS Group is global service provider based at Chennai, India. RBS Group is branded to work towards global market in the Business Centre of Excellence (BCoE) - Food, Fashion & Engineering.RBS shows great integrity, open minded & understands customer's requirements as "We LIVE with you".taste n feel is initiated with Motto "KNOW Nature's Taste". taste n feel is committed to work very closely with nature in delivering nutritional foods to all the people across the countries at par with International Quality.Feather Tuch Fashion (FTF) is "To make FEEL in you" the global fashion trends & to make feel 4 seasons.RBS Engineering is inbuilt with experts having foot prints over domestic & International standards to lead Engineering assignments. We are committed to provide plant engineering consultancy services to customers.We strongly believe to work with a single quality policy ensuring the same quality for all people. �Born with Quality� & �There is No Substitute for Quality�

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