Sinnamon Fashions pvt. ltd.

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SINS is about breaking free from social conformity. It is a speciality clothing brand that imparts a sense of modernism, antiquity and freedom to its customer through a range of apparel and lifestyle products for men and women who believe in a life inspired by bohemianism with a tinge of Indian heritage,culture, art, fashion, music and travel.Our brand follows the story of the bohemian traveler as he/she transitions between the sophisticated and the nomad, the mundane and the wild. His search takes him on a journey of beautiful experiences where he finds solace in the abundance of life, culture and art around him.Capturing these experiences is a diary of thought, cafes of conversations and fairs of culture that are a continuous reminder tothe everyday life to hold on as life itself turns into an exploration. Its about a space of freedom in art,culture and expression.From a vintage style wall clock to a beaten leather diary, from an old wooden coffee table to old photo frames, SINS lets you preserve the colors in one shade brighter and alive. At our studios creative merchandising, customer focus and a carefully designed and tailored products come together to create great experiences.

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