Lenden club

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LenDen Club is a peer to peer lending marketplace of personal loans.In the current era of mobilization, our endeavour takes traditional lending processes online to make it beneficial, easy and hassle-free. Our finance and technology team, with a zeal to innovate, have blended their experience to resolve real world challenges faced by lenders and borrowers. The platform of LenDen Club ensures elimination of high cost intermediary institutions to bring monetary benefits to lenders and borrowers. We earn by charging transparent fees to borrowers and/or lenders!We ensure complete transparency to the borrowers and lenders. We encourage borrowers to share as many details as possible so that lenders would be comfortable lending them. We are working hard to simplify the process of lending and borrowing to reduce all the hassles involved in offline lending process. While designing this marketplace, we follow a simple rule of KISS �Keep It Short & Simple� so that you love to use it.We understand and acknowledge the risk involved while lending your hard earned money to the borrowers through this platform. To minimize your risk, we are following very strict credit risk norms and continuously improving it. Each and every borrower goes through tight credit verification. This will ensure timely recovery of individual lender�s money.We appreciate your valuable feedback. Feel free to tell us about your problems and experience with us. This will help us improve our services and in turn bring more ease, convenience and happiness to lenders and borrower!

Venture Capitals
  1. Anirudh Damani
  2. Daud Ali
  3. Jayesh Shah
  4. Krishna Jhujhunwala
  5. Vikas Kapoor