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i-lend, India's first and leading online peer-to-peer platform, connects borrowers who are in need of money to lenders who are ready to invest. Launched as an initiative of Dipamkara Web Ventures Private Limited, i-lend helps borrowers get loans at low rates and lenders get better returns from mutually beneficial transactions between them.Loans for people by peopleIdentifying the vast unorganized lending business in India, i-lend strives to democratize the situation by offering creditworthy borrowers more options to raise money and also offer better investment options for potential lenders. Revolutionizing the Indian money market, i-lend has made access to credit at affordable rates of interest, a reality, by developing the platform for people to strike an ideal deal. The various viable lending options provided by i-lend has opened new avenues for lenders to effectively manage their financial portfolio.Through i-lend, one can borrow small personal loans from `25,000 - 5 lakh for duration of 6 - 36 months and become a lender by lending as low as `10,000.

Venture Capitals
  1. Angaros Group