Social Samosa

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SOCIAL SAMOSA _ THINK SOCIALSocial Samosa Enables Industry by Leading Thought and Influencing the Influencers.Which industry? AllWhat thought? Industry benchmarks; Campaign and Tech Reviews; Big Data Insights; Platform Optimisation; Social Media Strategy; Reputation and Crisis Management; Influencer Campaigns; Social Media and Citizenry.Which Influencers? The ones who matter. We are in the quality game.How? Social Samosa�s editorial team propels the industry with insightful analysis and investigative research _ empowering decision making. Training brands, agencies and tools on harnessing the power of social right through the lifecycle of their product/service;Facilitating custom made social media workshops, seminars and eventsPropelling business by providing bespoke and industry specific reports that fill age old knowledge gaps. Sometimes answering questions you didn�t know you needed to ask!Social Samosa�s innovative team consists of platform experts, analysts specializing in a wide range of industries, accredited trainers and social media crisis management experts.

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