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ObiNo, India' 1st Mobile Weight Loss Coach, follows a 3-pronged Strategy to get you to your Weight Loss Goal _ a Dedicated Health Coach + Personalised Diet & Fitness Plans + unique Mobile-App based Tools that are with you 24_7! Our Dedicated Health Coaches are professionals in the space of Nutrition & Food Science, Yoga, Fitness Training and lifestyle modification. We pair them one-on-one with you so that you have a Professional watching over your Lifestyle changes 24_7! Our Personalised Diet & Fitness Plans are made starting with you! After a detailed consultation on call, our Coaches put together a Diet & Fitness plan basis the kind of food you like to eat, your work and sleep timings & the kind of Fitness equipment available to you! Our unique ObiNo App has revolutionary tools like our proprietary Meal-Recommendation Engine that instantly creates 000_s of calorie counted indian Meal Suggestions. Also available are Reminders to ensure that you drink enough Water, eat the Right Calories at the right time and have your medicines! And of course, you can track your Meals, Exercise & Water on our Apps My Diary which your Health Coach can view and comment on in real-time!