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"In today�s fast paced lifestyle, online deliveries, takeaways and office canteens have made their way into our daily lives. Cookaroo was born from the need of solving the common problem faced by all of us i.e. finding food that�s convenient and affordable, without compromising on quality.After multiple iterations, we have hit the right model where we leverage technology and multiple process levels to address these pain points of our customers and give them an easy, simple dining experience in the most convenient and cost effective manner possible. We are always working on creating new offerings, scaling to new areas and adding that extra thought and value to your meals.Our perfect recipe for what we do is through our Love, for food, our fellow foodies and in what we do on a daily basis to make Cookaroo part of your life."

Venture Capitals
  1. Vijay Krishna Yadav
  2. Sachindra Murugesh