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It's really difficult to be an unmarried couple in our country. Each side you turn, there’s someone or the other to stop you or to make your life a misery. The moral police is the best example of people who ruin lives of people who just want to spend some quality time together and if you’re caught in a car, God forbid! The worst of the lot? Those motel and hotel room raids. So there, no space left. Where, just where are these poor couples supposed to go just to spend some time with each other? When it comes to hotel rooms, the hotels are anally strict. While many hotels refuse to give rooms to even single occupants (like people can’t travel along for work), many demand a marriage certificate if a couple is booking a room. There’s just no space left for a couple. It’s really a sad situation for all the couples just looking for spending some time together. However, to ease the life of these couples, enter Xoten. Xoten is a new site currently has tied up with hotels in Mumbai which can be accessed and checked on their site. The hotels rates are not too expensive and one can book rooms beginning at rates as cheap as INR 2500 and over INR 5000. Xoten has also managed to partner with some leading premium hotel chains in the Mumbai! .

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