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WorkIndia�۪s single-point focus is to use cutting edge technology to completely remove the significant information asymmetry that exists between the employers and employees in blue / grey collar segment, a large segment with approximately 230 million out of the 250 million non-agricultural workforce of India.Our Vision & Mission is to revolutionize recruitment in the blue /grey collar sector in a manner that every Employee gets his/her perfect job and every Employer is connected to the right Employee with the least friction.To achieve our Vision, our technology team has built a complex (yet simple to use) geo-positioning mobile product for Employees/ Job seekers. This product provides information on jobs most suitable to them��_be it based on their location or their skill-set or other parameters critical to them.

Venture Capitals
  1. Beenext Ventures
  2. Satyen V Kothari
  3. Asuka Holdings