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LIFTIEE is India�۪s first real-time bike-sharing and Ride Sharing app. Liftiee is a social enterprise that provides convenient and affordable alternative to commercially owned cars and bikes. It is a technologically-smart, cost-reducing and sustainable environment friendly service that appeals to businesses and individuals alike.Liftiee connects you with verified car/bike owners going your way at the same time, so you can start bike-sharing and Ride Sharing in a matter of minutes. There�۪s no long term commitment ��� each bike-sharing and Ride Sharing is for a single trip. Whether you ride or drive, Liftiee can help you save time and money. Of course ��� by bike-sharing and Ride Sharing you�۪re also reducing pollution in the air ��� so you�۪ll be helping out the environment as well.The world is changing by the minute. We�۪ve embraced new technologies, made new discoveries and so much progress. Yet there�۪s one thing that�۪s changed little ��� your commute. And with Liftiee we will be doing just that, changing the way you commute.

Venture Capitals
  1. Anita Hassanandani
  2. Ranvijay Singh