Hello Curry

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Hello Curry is a pioneer and leader in the QSR market in India. Conceived by Founders Raju Bhupati and Sandeep Penmatsa; as the world's first Internet First Asset Light Fast Indian Food chain, Hello Curry started operations early in 2014 with a seed capital of 6 crores; rising to the Top 5 start ups in India in the first 6 months of operations. Hello Curry's innovative packaging makes an Indian meal a simple, easily manageable experience. Operating out of 4 cities with 29 outlets, Hello Curry has a vision of 10 outlets per city worldwide over the next 5 years. The key enabler to achieve this vision is a radical, game changer business model KICK [ Kitchen in Commercial Kitchen ] which allows for Hello Curry to set-up in any kitchen in India as a partner and offer its product line with a collaborative supply chain, Asset Light infrastructure and a lean delivery model. KICK spawns into a metric of multiple fully operational outlets in a matter of two weeks, affording tremendous productivity margins and lowering TCO.Hello Curry has recently been awarded the Best QSR Restaurant in South India; as also the best packaging award. In line with its expansion plans, Hello Curry has made strategic acquisitions - Paratha Post to improve its product line, Fire 42 a specialized technology provider to strengthen its operations, and has entered into a partnership with EatSome, a leading Pune based fast food chain. Hello Curry cognitively incorporates inorganic growth with major cities in India - leading ones being Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkatta

Venture Capitals
  1. Sashi Reddi