Endless Robotics

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We are a robotics startup developing automation solutions for applying paints and coatings in construction and industrial applications to ensure superior efficiency, safer work environments, reduced costs and precise consistency.What We Do:Develop cutting edge R&D in robotics and Machine VisionOffer our Platform-As-A-Service for Builders, Real Estate Developers and Construction BusinessesProvide End-to-end solution of Paintworks for Fresh ConstructionsSolving problem of increasing Unavailability & Inefficiency of skilled workforceEmpowering labour with Safer and Advanced working environmentsOur Goal:To ensure Faster Delivery times of Housing and Commercial Real EstateTo improve slow and hazardous coating processes across Industries through AutomationOur Vision:To make robots a very real part of our everyday future by focusing on solving problems related to something as fundamental as building, maintaining and safeguarding modern day infrastructure.Our Mantra:To make continuous progress, towards a better future, in bigger leaps, every single day.

  1. Srikar Reddy
Venture Capitals
  1. Indian Angel Network
  2. Vipul Gautam
  3. Devidas Desai