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SwitchMe helps you save Lakhs by transferring your home to a lender with the lowest interest rate. Home loan transfers take a lot of time and energy. You have to spend weeks gathering information, putting your documents together and visiting the lender again and again to get the process completed. In the meantime, your life is put on hold.That's where SwitchMe comes in. By signing up with SwitchMe, you are signing up for a complete service that starts with an evaluation of your current home loan and ends only once the process is complete, the loan has been switched and the new documents are delivered at your doorstep.1. Your time and money is saved because we have a deep knowledge of lenders' processes. Before the process starts, we give you a reliable assessment of your success in switching to a particular lender.2.When we calculate the total cost of switching, we include even the hidden charges that lenders won't tell you.3. You can hold us accountable because we sign a contract with you. We work for you and not the lenders.4. You get the lender that best matches your needs because we have partnerships with a broad range of public banks, private banks and housing finance corporations.

  1. Aditya Mishra
Venture Capitals
  1. Singapore Angel Network
  2. Mohandas Pai
  3. Hiro Mashita