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GAMOOZ India is a software startup based in the Millennium city of Gurgaon, India. A startup committed to the amazing world of Augmented Reality, GAMOOZ India is one of the very few companies in India who are working in the field of Augmented Reality. GAMOOZ India consists of a enthusiastic team of crazy and super-creative guys who are working day and night in the area of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is one of the latest technologies which is expected to be the next big thing in technology sector. This makes it a niche technology and is only available to big companies worldwide. At GAMOOZ India, our vision is "Augmented Reality for Everyone". We are commited to the developement of Augmented Reality based applications and products which are in everyone's reach.

  1. Gaurav Wadhwa
  2. Harish Mathur
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