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What we do is who we are!We are a Dubai based glam-tech startup. We roam the streets of Dubai, relentlessly gathering Salon and Spa information and put it together using slick technology & a viewer friendly layout.Why?So you dont have to rely on your regular salons schedule or friendly suggestions like Hey you have to try this new place. Now, you can discover thousands of Salon & Spas in your neighborhood.Now about us,We are not really sure how we came up with the name Mazkara. Lots of coffee, endless hours of coding and exhausting content drives later we realized Whats in a name?So we decided to trust our inner passion, closed our eyes, counted to three and spoke the first name that came to our minds. And we kid you not! We all said Mazkara at the same time.Our vision is to technolutionize the Beauty & Wellness industry. And Our mission is to get free massages while pulling off all-night coding sessions. :)Through intense research ;P, we realized that one thing people love more than shopping or eating is ourselves and keeping ourselves beautiful & healthy.

Venture Capitals
  1. Dunamis Ventures