Avanti Learning

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Avanti�۪s Learning Centers provide low-income high-school students a world-class science and mathematics education. Our centers have no trained teachers and very little conventional lecturing. In their place, we focus on teaching students how to learn from books and their peers ��� resources that are more abundant, accessible and consistent in quality. Over the past year, we�۪ve shown that our students perform at par with some of the most expensive after-school programs in the country. Last year over 6,000 students took our entrance exam for 150 spots. This year, we will test over 10,000 students to fill 300 spots in our program.On top of our advanced pedagogy, our students also benefit from having mentors from the IITs and top private engineering colleges. At over 300 mentors, our college student volunteer network is one of India�۪s largest. Our mentors guide our students through their Std. XI and XII academics as they prepare for college. They also help counsel our students, answer their doubts and keep them motivated. Students and mentors form close bonds over the course of the two-year Avanti program, and students report that it�۪s one of their favorite aspects of the Avanti experience.

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