Login to claim this Startup is brought to you by Field Fresh Vegfru Pvt. Ltd.Founded in 2009, Field Fresh Vegfru Pvt. Ltd. started working to strengthen fruit and vegetable trade by offering producers, wholesalers and retailers a long-term partnership aimed at improving profitability in the supply chain for fruit and vegetables on a unique FSC principle: the chain that is fRESH, sIMPLE and cLOSER with its all too obvious advantages.Over the years we understood many issues stakeholders were facing with their fresh fruit and vegetables business. With our years of experience working in stores, sourcing, procurement, developing warehouses, building and executing logistics and distribution plans, we assisted growers and traders alike in the areas of improving quality, raising productivity reducing cost of production, marrying technology with business, reducing shrink & waste, training manpower, and covering many other areas in the perishable produce domain.Vegfru delivered proven know-how and experience in building thin & lean yet robust fresh supply chains and deliver practical retailing, sourcing, warehousing, logistics, operations and sales improvements for overall supply chain & retail business development and profitability and had a successful track record of working across diverse geographies, time zones, cultural and linguistic diversities.The fresh produce trade has remained under served by technology so far because of the trade complexity (read long chain of intermediaries, perishability, opacity, price volatility, liquidity, lack of standardization etc), trade barriers of various kinds (trust and quality assurance apart legal and regulatory aspects), insufficient information on product and service availability, infrastructure bottlenecks and lack of right knowledge at the right time at the right place but more so because of low availability of people who could understand the finer nuances of both fresh produce trade and modern technology platforms and have the requisite match making skillset and expertise to build something for fresh produce business using technology.Our goal at is to create a virtual World where anyone can freely trade products and services related to fruit and vegetables irrespective of geographic, cultural, regulatory, logistical boundaries.We are going to be only tech-driven fresh produce company offering linkages to wide array of services related to sector ��� right from farm to kitchen in fruit and vegetable sector.Backed by, India�۪s most promising software product venture ( being the lead product), with footprints across 100 plus countries and 4000 plus business customers including the likes of Microsoft, GE, Mitsubishi, Lenovo, Dominoes etc, we�۪re a small team of technologists, fresh produce experts and customer experience fanatics operating out of a beautiful office in North Delhi.

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