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What happens when people venture out to buy uniforms for their children? They come back with uniforms, right? But I came back with an idea for a new venture.. When my wife assigned me the duty of buying uniforms for the kids, I thought how difficult could it be? Determined to turn it into an easy bargain for a night out with the boys, I stepped out. When I had stepped out two more times and still hadn�t as much managed to buy a tie, I realised how wrong I had been.Buying school uniforms, an annual ritual in every household with kids, is actually an annual dose of stress. Why should a simple task of putting together kids� uniforms for the coming year be such a daunting task?.It could certainly be simplified. And that�s what we intend to do, with An one-stop e-store for all your school apparel requirements, it weaves together good quality, great value and efficient service. You strive to give your children the best of education. And we strive to make sure they are comfortable while receiving it. Got a suggestion or an opinion? We�re all ears. We are young, eager and growing. And we�ll be happy to work on what you have to say.

  1. Ketan Zaveri
  2. Amit Zaveri
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