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Smartivity projects are playful activities that make your kid smarter.Our activities are collaborative arts, craft and science based projects designed around the Theory of Successful Intelligence proposed by Robert Sternberg, a world famous psychologist. According to Sternberg, intelligence leads to success in the real world; and Successful intelligence is a balanced mix of Analytical + Practical + Creative Intelligence.These activities are designed to prepare your child for real world challenges by playfully developing creative, analytical and practical skills.By engaging the creative and practical centres of the brain , Smartivity ensures wholesome intellectual development of your child. Smartivity also drives the feeling of accomplishment, build curiosity and helps kids understand concepts better � making them smarter

  1. Tushar A Amin
  2. Rajat Jain
  3. Ashwini Kumar
Venture Capitals
  1. S.Chand & Company