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Peer to peer lending (or P2P Lending / P2P) in common parlance refers to a disruptive technology led innovation which helps an investor to fund borrowers without going through the traditional banking system. It is all set to change the way in which financial transactions are being currently carried out. Traditional financial systems due to their high operating costs such as high office rentals, high employee costs etc. are unable to diligently assess each of the customers as per their risk profiles. Therefore, they consider the retail loans (i.e. loans offered to individual persons) as 'flow' business which results in customers with varying credit quality getting bucketed together. This is not only unfair to borrowers with high credit quality but also leads to inefficient utilization of financial resources. In addition, these financial institutions charge their high overhead costs to the borrowers resulting in even higher costs of borrowing.P2P is an established concept in the developed countries such as the US, the UK, Germany etc. and plays significant role in the Chinese economy as well. It has been growing in leaps and bounds in the developing world thanks to an increase in the internet penetration and tremendous acceptability of e-payments.i2i is a market place for unsecured loans that can be used for multiple purposes which include purchase of consumer durable, debt consolidation (i.e. repayment of credit card debt etc.), medical expenses, education expenses, cash cycle optimization etc. The entire credit process is transparent, quick and easy. Apart from providing end to end services, i2i diligently evaluates the credit risk of each of the loan projects post which it assigns risk category and recommends an interest rate for that project (a borrower can borrow at an interest rate which is higher than or equal to this rate). This helps the borrowers as well as the investors to have a benchmark while finalizing the interest rate. In the process, the investors get an opportunity to earn higher 'risk adjusted returns' while the borrowers get an opportunity to get funded at the lowest cost possible as per their risk profile and market based demand.We at i2i believe that our stringent screening criteria in selecting loan projects, our thorough due diligence, and our strong relationship with investors would help both the investors and the borrowers to seamlessly transact at the portal.

  1. Neha Aggarwal
  2. Manisha Bansal
  3. Vaibhav Pandey
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