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In November 2013, Paxata unveiled the first interactive, self-service Adaptive Data Preparation solution for business analysts, data scientists, developers, data curators and IT teams.Now the industry standard, Paxata empowers everyone in the enterprise to accelerate time to analytics and decision-making by removing the traditional shackles of ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) processes.Today, Paxata boasts over 45 customers, ranging from medium-sized online Retailers to the largest Financial institutions and Government agencies. Our Pax Pros work in a collaborative environment to automated data integration, optimize data quality, promote collaboration and ensure data is governed and used in an agile workflow.Paxata combines a visually-dynamic application for even the most non-technical analyst with a Hadoop-based platform built for data prep at scale. Regardless of data volume, variety or velocity, Paxata helps our customers create data worth analyzing, whether that is for ad hoc, operational, predictive, and packaged analytics.Paxata partners with industry-leading big data and business intelligence solutions providers such as Cloudera, and seamlessly connects to BI tools, including Salesforce Wave, Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft Excel to greatly accelerate the time to actionable business insights.Paxata is home to the world�s best engineers with agile development skills, domain strength in UX design, next-generation data architecture and scalable software delivery. The company boasts an enterprise-class Customer Success organization, a customer-centric sales and marketing team, and a set of partners, advisors and investors working together to change the information management world forever.

  1. Prakash Nanduri
  2. Chris Maddox
  3. Dave Brewster
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  1. Accel Partners
  2. EDB Investments
  3. Toba Capital
  4. Walden Riverwood Ventures