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In 2001, a small group of technology-savvy people from AT&T Labs and Bell Labs came together to create a company that would revolutionize the experience people have with their mobile phones, and thus Kirusa was found.Today, Kirusa is one of the leading Mobile Social Media and Value Added Service providers in the world.With its portfolio of mobile services, Kirusa is helping people in the emerging markets maximize the value they derive from their cell phones. Kirusa is working with more than 30 carriers in Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia, CALA, and Eastern Europe, and services more than 100 million mobile subscribers every month, who collectively make more than 1.1 billion monthly calls to services offered by Kirusa. The company has a market reach of more than 500 million subscribers. These numbers continue to grow every month.Our customers, the leading mobile carriers in emerging markets, have expressed that Kirusa services figure among the top three revenue-generating value added services for them.Since its founding, Kirusa has been leading the mobile innovation from the technology front. Kirusa invented Voice SMS, and has filed more than 25 patent applications covering a broad array of multimodal and Voice SMS technologies. The thought leadership and technological innovations from Kirusa have helped carrier improve their ARPUs by 2-4%.The company has won many hearts and accolades. Kirusa has been ranked among Top 100 Technology Companies by Silicon India. Smart Techie magazine ranked it as one of the Top 25 emerging technology companies. It has also won AlwaysOn Global 250 in 2008, and AlwaysOn250 in 2009. The company was Silver Mobile Star Award in Mobile Consumer Messaging.The company is headquartered in New Jersey, and it has offices in Delhi, Bangalore, and Lagos.

  1. Inderpal Singh Mumick
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